Training and informing occupants of the fire emergency procedures is essential. We can conduct a high-energy, informative presentation that will hit all the key points, and do this in 30 to 40 minutes.. The presentation is specific to your facility. Some topics are

  • What are the emergency procedures?

  • The alarm sequence of operation - is this a single or two stage alarm?

  • What is the alarm tone - most people do not know this?

  • How do I activate the fire alarm?

  • Where are the cross-over floors - and what are they?

  • Basic exit requirements-how to exit properly and when to leave?

  • Fight or Flight - Why you should not use a fire extinguisher?

  • What if I'm unable to walk down stairs - what do I do?

  • The placement of persons requiring assistance.

  • Typical life safety concerns in buildings.

  • The fire warden systems.

  • The importance of fire drills and participation.

  • Q and A session.



A full evacuation fire drill must be held each year in most facilities. Drills are effective when they are properly planned and the importance is communicated to the building occupants. The majority of people see evacuation drills as an inconvenience and prefer not to participate. THEY LEAVE THE BUILDING IN ADVANCE OF THE DRILL.

Our implementation sessions stress the importance of participation in evacuation drills and we display visually typical concerns when drills are not taken seriously.

We can assist you in the planning, monitoring and evaluation of your evacuation drill. Our service includes the following:

You are required to conduct a full evacuation fire drill annually and more fequently in certain buildings. We can assist you by providing guidance, instructions and monitoring of the drill. We provide:

  • Prepare specific drill reports for onsite staff and 'fire warden staff

  • Work with onsite staff on the methodology of the drill

  • Attend the drill and video specific segments

  • Conduct a de-briefing session

  • Provide a written report. You will require this for 'fire department inspection' and perhaps insurance purposes.


Your fire safety plan must be reviewed at least every 12 months or more frequently. All changes must be document and submitted to the fire service for approval. You will also require confirmation that there have been no changes to the fire safety plan.

As an independent party we can provide you with a certification that we reviewed the plan and there were no changes. If changes are required we will make them and submit them to the fire service. There is no free for MINOR changes to fire safety plans that we have prepared.