Fire safety plans...we have been doing these for over 30 years.

We understand the importance of effectively communicating a Fire Safety Program to the managers and occupants of a facility.

Our clients include major corporations, high-rise commercial, residential facilities, family owned businesses, boards of education, care facilities and hospitality companies.

Our quality of work and responsibilities to our customers is confirmed by a very significant fact - the majority of our business is through referrals. We treat each customer individually and adapt our program to meet your specific requirements.

Here is an approval letter from 30 years ago.

King George School Lofts - Newmarket
King George School Lofts - Newmarket



Properly designed and implemented fire safety programs are a first line of defense in fire prevention.

They ensure that persons having responsibility for your safety understand what actions are required when a 'fire emergency' occurs, and that the fire and life safety systems in the facility are tested and inspected in accordance with fire code requirements.

We provide exceptional value and support to our clients.

All of our projects are 'fixed priced'. You know exactly what the complete cost will be BEFORE we start.

All of our fire safety programs are building/organization specific.


Companies that prepare and implement fire safety programs require insurance coverage BEYOND the typical General Liability Insurance policy.

CHECK to ensure your consulting firm carries 'Professional Insurance' typically referred to as Errors and Omission Coverage. We are insured by this company.

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