Fire Safety Planning a critical component of a risk management program!

Properly designed and implemented fire safety programs save property and lives. As a building owner, property manager, or person with overall control of the facility you have a legal obligation for a current fire safety program that meets the requirements of the National and Provincial Fire Codes and Work Place Health and Safety Acts


The Need For Fire Safety Plans

Properly designed and implemented fire safety programs are a first line defense
in fire prevention. Lack of understanding - not leaving when you hear the alarm - is a very serious problem in many buildings.

 They ensure that persons having responsibility for your safety understand what actions are required when a 'fire emergency' occurs, and that the fire and life safety systems in the facility are tested and inspected in accordance with fire code requirements


The Benefits

A fire safety plan is designed to provide occupant safety in the event of a fire, and to ensure proper use of the fire safety features of the building. It answers these concerns of occupants:

- What is the alarm sound?
- What if I cannot leave because of smoke?
-How do I activate the fire alarm?
-What happens if the stairwell is blocked?
-What if I cannot walk down stairs?


You Require a Fire Safety Plan if:

You have a fire alarm system in the facility?
You are an apartment, condo, hotel, motel?
You are a place where people assemble?
You are a public school, private school, child care?
You are a restaurant with more than 30 seats?
You are concerned about the safety of your occupants?

If you answered YES to any of the above you require a fire safety plan